Kristen and Richard/ Engagement Portraits

June 7, 2016 Comments (0)

Recently, I completed Kristen and Richard’s engagement album. Here are 10 images used to design their album. Engagement portraits were taken at Government House and at Ross Bay Beach in Victoria, BC.
Kristen and Richard have booked lilophotodesign for their wedding photographer coming up in June, 28, 2016. They are wonderful people to work with as well as nice looking couple to be. In addition, they have a great appreciation for story telling and artistic photography. I look forward to their wedding in June. Lilo @ lilophotodesign Victoria BC.

KristenRichard_011_LIL3544 KristenRichard_014bw_LIL3565 KristenRichard_052bw_LIL3717 KristenRichard_066_LIL3809 KristenRichard_072_LIL3847 KristenRichard_077_LIL3869 KristenRichard_098origbw_LIL3961 KristenRichard_123rt_LIL4053 KristenRichard_128_LIL4069 KristenRichard_138_LIL4122


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