Sandra_Real Estate Read more

February 13, 2021 Comments(0)

Sandra is a very successful Real Estate Agent. I photographed  her in the Spring of 2010 for the Corporate Image. Here is a sample.  

Corporate Event Photography, Dr.Richard_TPIPSC Read more

February 25, 2022 Comments(0)

TPIPSC awarded Dr. Richard of Victoria with  a gold medal for a lifetime contribution to the well been of people of British Columbia and Canada. He established the concept of “Air Care” in BC, which then got adopted in the rest of Canada. It was an honour to meet Dr. Richard and photograph him.  He is truly an amazing individual. …

Wedding of Monica & Ryan Read more

March 14, 2022 Comments(0)

Wedding of Monica and Ryan’s took place on November 7, 2009 in Victoria BC. Ceremony was held at Victoria’s conservatory of music, really a special place, and Reception was held at the Bear Mountain Resort, also a very unique venue for wedding celebrations. Monica and Ryan are really nice wonderful people, so much so that we have become good friends. …

Wedding of Amanda & Paul Read more

February 26, 2022 Comments(0)

Wedding of Amanda & Paul took place in September 6, 2009 in Victoria BC. It was really a great experience to photograph this wedding. Wish Amanda and Paul a very happy married life. Lilo @ Lilophotodesign

2008 Awards Read more

March 14, 2022 Comments(0)

Here are two awards I won in 2008. One is the Kodak Gallery Award at the National Level, and the other one is the Nikon Award of Excellence. I thought I’d post them now, better late than never.

Wedding of Katherine & Brendon, Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC Read more

March 14, 2022 Comments(0)

Wedding of Katherine and Brendon took place on September 5th, 2009 at Hatley Castle in Victoria BC. Hatley Castle is a historical site, with spectacular gardens such as; Italian garden, Japanese garden and Neptune Stairs. This is one of the most spectacular places to get married, and that is anywhere in the wold. I was delighted to photograph this very …

Wedding of Leah & Steve at Mount Washington Read more

March 14, 2022 Comments(0)

Wedding of Leah and Steve took on August 29, 2009 at Mt Washington on Vancouver Island. We took a ski lift to get to the top of summit, and did some funky portraits at the top of the world, it was really really special, see samples below. Wishing Leah and Steve a very happy marriage, Lilo

Wedding of Shelley & Mark in Victoria, BC Read more

March 14, 2022 Comments(0)

Shelley and Mark married on August 22, 2009 at a Yacht Club in Victoria BC. I photographed their wedding in photojournalistic style, no posing, and in black and white. Images are full of emotions and drama with happiness, true story telling…  It’s been a real joy photographing them.

Wedding of Amanda & Brett, Victoria, BC Read more

March 14, 2022 Comments(0)

Wedding of Amanda & Brett was conducted on August 15, 2009 in Victoria BC. Their wedding ceremony was held outdoors at Saxe Point in Esquimalt, about 200 people attended it, truly special. It’s been a great joy to be a part of their wedding and photograph their special day. Wishing Amanda and Brett the very best in the fresh start …

Wedding of Monica & Robert Read more

March 16, 2022 Comments(0)

Wedding of Monica & Robert was held on July 23, 2009. Their wedding ceremony was took place at Abkazi Gardens in Victoria, BC, and the Portraits were taken at Government House. I had a great joy photographing them, truly a wonderful and special couple in and out. Congratulations.

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