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In portrait photography, there are three crucial components to keep in mind:
1_quality of Light
3_subject matter-story-telling qualities
I have had the privilege of photographing Tim Vasko, Founder, Inventor and CEO of CMaeOn Innovations in Victoria, BC.  Prior to the portrait session, I arranged for an interview with Tim, and during this interview, I discovered that Tim was a larger-than-life type persona.  I felt free to ask him almost any question, and he would take the time to reply.  During the portrait session, Tim would be both totally focused, then multi-tasking, while also engaged in intense story telling.  Photographing Tim was one of the most satisfying as well as intellectually stimulating experiences for me. Lilo @ lilophotodesign

lilophotodesign_TimVasko_ lilophotodesign_TimVasko2

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Lilo Binakaj, MPA (Master of Photographic Arts) Nationally accredited professional photographer and multi-award winner at national and international photographic competitions specializing in a variety of commercial and portrait photography. I am based in Victoria, BC and serve Vancouver Island and other parts of Canada, as well as international clients.

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