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TD Bank hired me to photograph a special event called “Your Wealth”, held at Delta Ocean Point in Victoria, BC, Canada in November of 2017.

This event was about educating their staff on how to cope with their work environment and also on how to improve their communications skills.

The speeches held there were inspiring and very passionate as you will see in some of the pictures below.

I have had a great time photographing this commercial event, and the people running it were both professional and pleasant to work with.

Thank you, Lilo Binakaj, Professional Photographer in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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Lilo Binakaj, MPA (Master of Photographic Arts) As a national and international multi-award-winning photographer with over 30 years of experience, I bring the utmost passion to my work and am dedicated to capturing the beauty of the moment for every person I photograph. I am based in Victoria, BC and serve Vancouver Island and other parts of Canada, as well as international clients.

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